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CDC Guidance for Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning

Guidelines for developing a comprehensive cancer control (CCC) plan that can be both implemented and evaluated. Information is based on the experiences of several states that undertook a comprehensive cancer control planning process in recent years.

Guidance for Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning – Volume 1: GuidelinesExternal link

Building Blocks of Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning

(as explained in Volume 1: Guidelines)
Objectives Planning Activities Outcomes Planning Goal
Enhance Infrastructure Part II, Section 3

Management and administrative structures and procedures developed

Planning products produced, disseminated and archived





Mobilize Support Part II, Section 4

Partnership develops priorities for allocation of existing resources

Gaps in resources and level of support identified

Utilize Data/Research Part II, Section 5

Planning and research data reviewed for needs assessment and strategy development

Data/research gaps identified

Build Partnerships Part II, Section 6

Original members remain committed as new members join

Partnership/subcommittee meetings held and attended.

Assess/ Address Cancer Burden Part II, Section 7

Target areas for cancer prevention and control selected and prioritized

Conduct Evaluation Part II, Section 8

A strategy for assessing planning process, monitoring implementation, and measuring outcomes in place

Blue Boxes Denote Evaluation Activities

Guidance for Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning – Volume 2: ToolkitExternal link